An architectural folly is a building constructed for its decoration or appearance — however, while follys inherently prescribe form over function, they are also renown for suggesting some other purpose, expressing ideas or as small scale experiments for future works.

Similarly Minimal Geometry is conceived as a digital folly, generated for no purpose other than to test, play, experiment and visualise. Most projects are born via a brief, with concepts and iterations constrained by requirements, necessity and scope; this ongoing body of work has no desired output, end-point or direction, but hopefully begins a mechanism for prolific production.
Contrary to the project title, these geometries are not minimal (or at least, not in a mathematical sense). Rather, visualisations produced have been purposely kept aesthetically minimal. The focus remains on the geometric forms — without indication of size or orientation they can be purposely read at many scales.
Minimal Geometry is a work-in-progress, with further explorations into moving-image, animation, color, effects, tools and representation.
You can preview 3D models of some of the geometries on SketchFab
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