Single-line fonts in CNC workflows are used to write, engrave or etch text onto materials. Unlike typical computer fonts, these fonts are specifically designed to account for tooling and tool-paths.
Because of the direct cost machine time, i.e. the longer it takes to fabricate a part, the more it costs, most engraving fonts are optimised to be single point-to-point lines. This is easy for letters like 'C' where a single curve can form the letter, more difficult for letters like 'R'.
XFrame were utilising a fantastic default engraving font, MecSoft, but making manual adjustments to soften the letter and make fabricated labels more distinct.
Below is an updated engraving font based on MecSoft (above) that captures most of the manual adjustments XFrame were repeatedly making for parts. Generated using FontLab and FontForge, the font fillets most of the lettering curves.
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