A series of exploratory renders produced using Blender to visualize XFrame's modular office framing system.
XFrame were investigating the potential to use opensource visualization and rendering software Blender internally, compared with outsourcing visualization work to a consultancy.
Since XFrame were still iterating through design prototypes, there were concerns with how bringing on a visualization specialist "too early" would inhibit XFrame's design team ability to quickly and freely make changes; every change potentially required a suite of renders to be updated, and at significant cost.
Instead XFrame explored whether they could use opensource tool Blender to create a visualization workflow internally. These renders were produced to identify the quality and workflow for taking designs from design-tool Rhino3D into Blender.
This process allowed XFrame to upskill their visualisation capabilities, identify a process for cleanly taking geometry from their preferred 3D design tool into Blender, and helped them retain creative control over the visuals created.
All images are the copyright of X-Frame Pty Ltd
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